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Not sure what qualifies as a tax write off in your business? Do you have multiple streams of income within your business? This complete category list will identify everything that needs to be accounted for when it's tax time! Save this list as your ultimate tax guide and never miss a thing!

Starting a business?

Starting a business is a major decision to make in life so it should be carefully planned out. I see so many people starting businesses without even knowing the steps to take to make sure they are properly set up. 

Here are some things you may want to consider before you start making your first $1.00 :


1 . What entity structure should I choose: Sole Proprietor, Single Member LLC, Partnership, Qualified Joint Venture (typically used for married couples), S or C Corporation?

2. What legal documents do I need to have in place before I even start operations?

3. What are my tax implications and how to minimize it?

4.  What type of funding is out there for my business?

5. How do I keep track of all my income and expenses?

6. How to I prepare for retirement?

As you can see there is so much to consider and that you would want to put in place so that you are
legal and tax ready!

If you want to know more about best practices as business owner book your consultation TODAY.
You will also get free guide with tips and an Excel plug and play to track your income and expenses
once you book your consultation.

Business Services

This service is for business owners who need to provide their independent contractors and/or employees with 1099s or W2s.

Preparing 1099/W2s - $300 

(includes up to 5 taxpayers)

Best Practices for Small Business - $150

Details on all the preliminary steps needed to start and/or maintain your business so you can continue to grow and develop good habits You will also get free guide with tips and an Excel plug and play to track your income and expenses once you book your consultation.

Small Business Strategy Session - $500

Tax strategies that will save you on an average of $10,000 by implementing in your business. Some of the topics discussed: hiring your children, spouse, taking a vacation and making it a tax write off.

Know Your Numbers - $300

We will go over your Profit and Loss statement in detail to see to get a better understanding of your business profitability.


Meet Your

Business Experts

I have partnered with experts in their field of work to help you with some of these questions. Feel free to browse their website to see if they are good fit for you and your needs.

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Perry Jeffries

The Entrepreneur’s CFO and Consulting Specialist

Perry is a financial advisor whose firm offers financial planning, asset management, investing, insurance and retirement planning to individuals and businesses. He is also a fractional CFO, where he consults 6-7 Figure Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses in cash management, profitability, debt reduction and retirement and tax planning.


Ryenne C. Shaw


Ryenne Shaw helps small business owners build businesses that operate as assets instead of liabilities, increase in value over time and build wealth. She has over 10 years of legal experience and now provides the legal support to small business bosses that need to grow and protect their brands, businesses, and assets.

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Financial Counselor

Latrice worked in mortgage origination and servicing. In the banking industry,  she was able to work with A+ grade credit to subprime lending borrowers. Her natural ability in counseling made the most difficult experiences smooth and less stressful for all parties involved. During this time, she learned the intricate design of credit, debt and how people effectively use money to ensure their financial stability. In 2019, Latrice became a Certified Financial Counselor. She utilized all of the knowledge and skills she learned in the banking industry and combined it with her compassion and earnest desire to see people win to achieve equity in financial freedom that breaks poverty and creates stability for families. 

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Business Operations Specialist

Rose is a corporate professional turned entrepreneur. Her experience stems from her career in Retail Banking as a Vice President Branch Manager. She has leveraged her banking knowledge, and now runs a successful transportation company as well as a business development company. Her business development company focuses on teaching entrepreneurs’ financial literacy strategies to enhance operations and increase profits in your business. 

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Anthony Smith

Financial Advisor/ Certified Financial Services

Anthony's goal as a financial advisor is to deliver empowerment and direction to individuals who want an aura of financial stability and confidence. He finds purpose in helping others obtain that stability and quality of life that he set out for when exploring the career path of financial services.

KashFlow Club

It is the ultimate membership platform and subscription community for entrepreneurs and business leaders like you to get all the knowledge, strategy, and resources you need to develop a strong financial infrastructure!

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