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Tax Representation 


Tax Representaion

We represent taxpayers who are struggling with tax debt and/or are being audited by the IRS. Do not go alone when facing the IRS you need a licensed individual such as a CPA, Tax Attorney or IRS Enrolled Agent to represent you before the IRS. Amber “The Tax Lady” Whitehead is an IRS Enrolled Agent who has helped many of clients WIN audits from the IRS and get their tax debts resolved.

Why get Representation?

An IRS Enrolled Agent is the highest credential given to tax professionals by the IRS who focus on tax compliance for individuals and businesses. Enrolled Agents are recognized by the IRS as tax specialists with the ability to prepare tax returns and represent taxpayers in audits and collections.

Amber “The Tax Lady” Whitehead has a background in Accounting and Auditing in private firms so she uses those skillsets to help fight the IRS for you! If you are losing sleep at night or worried that you the IRS is coming for you, contact her TODAY!!

What is an IRS Enrolled Agent?

Services we offer:

  • Filing of Back taxes

  • Tax Representation if you are facing an audit

  • Tax Debt Resolution if you owe more than $10,000 and you are having difficulty paying your tax debt obligations you have choices, and we will explore every avenue to make sure you are put in the best position to pay the IRS to fit your budget.

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