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Amber “The Tax Lady” Whitehead, EA, MBA


About Whitehead Tax & Financial Services

Whitehead Tax & Financial Services, LLC is a woman-minority owned small tax firm based in Vernon, CT.  Our specialty is centered on individual taxation and women owned home/service based small businesses.  We also provide representation services for individuals that may need help during an audit and/or help with the burden of tax debt.  We are dedicated in providing all our clients with high quality work, integrity and a personalized convenient service all at an affordable rate. 


We accomplish this by taking pride in our ability to help clients maximize their tax dollars and by educating them on their current tax/financial situation.  Whitehead Tax & Financial Services, LLC top priority stands on the principle of building strong and lasting relationships with our clients.  We strive to make sure that you have positive experience and we are known to go that extra mile for you!  We understand that tax time can be very stressful, and we are here to put that stress to rest!  Feel free to contact us for your tax needs.

Whitehead Tax & Financial Services


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About Amber “The Tax Lady” Whitehead

IRS Enrolled Agent/Small Business Tax Consultant

Amber Whitehead has over 20 years of individual tax preparation experience.  She has worked for various CPA firms and commercial tax firms throughout the State of CT.   She is self-taught when it comes to the preparation of individual taxes.  Her interest in taxes all began when she was a teenager and she prepared her own taxes.  She became so intrigued with it she eventually learned more and more about it and then started preparing taxes for her friends and family.  Her love of numbers and taxes lead her to get her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Central CT State University in 2004.  She then went on to pursue her MBA at DeVry University graduating with honors in 2011. 

The decision to start her own tax firm came about after she was unemployed for a couple of years.  She realized that she needed to be the one to control her own destiny.  She took her passion for taxes and helping people and started Whitehead Tax and Financial Services, LLC, in April 2012.  The firm has since then grown at a steady pace throughout the years.  Amber specializes in taxation for individuals and home and/or service based small businesses.  

Amber has a unique way of explaining tax concepts to her clients to make it easier for them to understand.  Her motto is “I just don’t want to do your taxes; I want you to understand your tax situation.  It is because of this mindset that she is highly recommended by her clients.  It is her goal to continue to grow and add additional services to her tax firm.

Amber has been a guest speaker for many local high schools and universities in the State of Connecticut and on various podcasts to speak about the basics of taxes and how to minimize your tax liability.  In her spare time Amber enjoys spending time with her one and only daughter and making memories with her family, reading books, watching movies and absolutely loves live music concerts.